The real deal.


Designer Kubricks, pretenders to the throne.


Kubrick Muppets, otherwise known as "Kubruppets". Not really.

Block Figure, or Minifigure, refers to a type of designer toy based on the concept of Lego Minifigures. The original Lego toys have been in production for decades, and have such an iconic look that since the 1990's, other toy manufacturers have adopted this style to capitalize on the sense of nostalgia they give. Another appeal is the ease with which a collector can customize them. Over time, however, block figure lines have become more and more elaborate, made of harder plastics and PVC instead of vinyl, featuring detailed accessories and sculpting. Medicom's Kubrick line, in particular, have taken off in popularity having hundreds of figures; many of which are based off franchises as diverse as Halo video games, the Tim Burton film Sweeney Todd and The Muppets. Other popular minifig lines include Mez-Its, MiniMates, Stikfas and Shockinis