Blank dunny

Blank Dunny needs a face.

El loco dunny

There we go!

Dunny is vinyl designer toy created by Paul Budnitz and Tristan Eaton, and produced by Kidrobot circa 2004.

The toy is based on a rabbit figure with distinctive tubular ears. The origin of the name dunny came from a combination of street slang and one of the early "Devil Bunny" prototype. Dunny comes in three sizes - 3", 8" and 20". The toy has three points of articulation; a 360 degree rotational head and two arms. Dunny usually comes with accessories that fit inside the sockets of the hand, such as a laser gun or an ice-cream cone. Sometimes the accessories can be as sophisticated as a gas mask, a crown or even a hoodie. With the success of vinyl toys as a medium for expression, many fans and artists have put their own design onto the dunny, known as "customizing".

Most 3" dunnys and some 8" dunnys are normally sold as "blind assortment". Especially since not all figures are sold in the same ratio, some figures are harder to find than others. This series contains many chase figures.